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lost child
"Lost Child" was originally published in December 2001 by Digital Webbing in the sold out anthology "Digital Webbing Presents #1". It tells the story of a private eye named Paris, who's trying to find a missing girl and catch a killer.

In June 2002, Hired Gun Comics published a reprint fo the story as a mini comic featuring a never before scene cover.

A couple of reviews....

"The first tale of this anthology is called 'Lost Child' and is created entirely by Cal Slayton. Honestly, this one is the gem of the book......Highly enjoyable and I hope Slayton continues to contribute to DWP.
-From Aura-Ps, popcultureshock.com


"LOST CHILD starts it off strong with a solo effort that shows the rest how it is done. The art is dynamic with correct sequential action that moves the story.....Cal Slayton builds the story nicely to an unexpected climax in just 5 pages. My pick of the litter."
-From The Comic Book Net Electronic Magazine by David LeBlanc, Editor.

lost child mini comic
In Spookytown, you’d swear every day was Halloween. It’s always a little dark and ominous and you never know what’s lurking in the shadows. Almost every place is haunted, the moon is always full, every cat is black, there are graveyards around every corner and it's filled with odd and mysterious citizens.

Jack Brannon and his plucky assistant Emma, run Gum Shoe Investigation, specializing in supernatural cases, which seem to be the only type in Spookytown. Business is good for two reasons...he’s the only private eye in town and there is no shortage of dark and dangerous cases in a place like this.

spookytown mini comic

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